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Tuesday, November 22. She's Baaaaack!!!

Ok so. I took some time off from writing this blog because honestly, we've had a very busy season at work and I just didn't have time to write. How depressing is that?! (Other creative souls know what I mean...)
But I am back in full effect and will soon have to catch you up on a few things I just could not pass up the opportunity to point out. After all, you can't make this stuff up.

It is so difficult to be a germaphobe living in New York City. Let me tell ya. HARD. This morning on the Q train, this man was sitting in the seat in front of me, as I stood and held on for dear life, picking dried skin from the palm of his hand (How dry does one's hand have to be to be able to pick dried skin flakes off the palm??) and brushing them to the floor.  Now mind you, I am shorter than many people (all my taller friends just hush up right now!) and can barely reach high enough over my head to hold onto the metal bar transit placed up there for tall people... so I have to stand m…
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Monday, October 3. Looking, Staring, Glaring Lady

Ok so.  When you are sleep walking your way to a dead end job at 7:00 in the  morning, you tend to notice things no one else does because you are moving in slow motion and have more time to observe the craziness around you. Let's talk about Staring, looking, scanning lady.
My train pulled into a station and I tried wearily to hold my head up without reaching up and doing it physically.  I didn't get a seat on the train and thus stood staring out the dirty window of the train car onto the wooden bench on the platform crowded with people.  One woman stood out.  No, she was not oddly dressed petting a skunk on her lap and eating with her feet like some New Yorkers. Hey! I'm sayin' it happens! But what made her interesting was that she was beautiful, was very well dressed, and had hair and make up to envy.  (What? I'm intohair and make up! I'm SO friggin cute in this picture! Thanks Lady Leo Hair Salon in Brooklyn!) But seeing another woman with herself put together…

Friday, September 30.If It Wasn't Friday, I'd Be Screwed.

Ok so. Zzzzzzz... Ok so. Zzzzzzzzzz... Sorry! Just...sooo...sleepyzzzzzzzz. Brb
Ok so. I went to bed at 10 and was up at 6. Then I was up again at 6:30...and again at 6:48.  That time, I actually got up and rushed slowly to work.  I got on the train and sat down. It was then that I realized that it was day two of Rosh Hashanah and that there were many seats available as quite a few people had taken the day off to celebrate.  I actually fell somewhat asleep until we got to my stop and I got off the train.  
I walk into my office building, dragging my will behind me. I smell the Buck's coffee brewing.  My nose forces me to heed to the call of the coffee.  I go into Starbuck's inside my building to order my favorite coffee.  There's some dude in line ahead of me who orders a bottle of the vanilla syrup they use to make the drinks.  It takes them (dude and the cashier) five minutes to complete his order and get him out of the way.  I'm late now... As I walk toward the elevat…

Thursday, September 29.I can't Remember....but it was all happening soooslowly.

Ok so. Have you ever had one of those days where you are so tired that you don't know if you are coming or going, and you find yourself walking into walls, only to realize that you are half asleep and you really don't know where you are? Well, I had that kind of morning.
I honestly cannot tell you how I got to the train, on it, to work, and made it through the morning.  All I know is I stopped at this particular Burger King on the way in--something I never do--with the intention of getting a three piece french toast sticks and a coffee. The girl took almost 20 minutes to make it. I was 2nd in line and thought it would only take a couple of minutes.  Ha!!  Who said fast food had to be fast?  They should just called it "SomethinOrNuther" now.  It's not the healthiest choice, and the fact that it used to be something quick has now been negated by the irksome, sloth-like motion of the employees. Sigh.  I was honestly too tired to say anything.  I waited quietly, and i…

Wednesday, September 28. Uncomfortable Little Boy

Ok so. Many different types of people rely on the subway as public transportation to and fro the very important and diverse destinations they must get to. Places such as work, play, and school to name a few.  So if you live in New York City and you have a day job, you get up at an obscene hour in the morning, drag yourself out of the house and to the train, and look around for a seat, usually finding none available.  You stand up and hold onto the pole, which in most cases is located over the heads of those holding the proverbial power and are seated on the proverbial thrones also known as subway seats. One such royal subject was the little boy seated in front of me today who seemed to be uncomfortable with all of my cute, sexy self hovering over him.
It's pathetic and sort of funny all at the same time.  Let me be honest, there really isn't anything cute or sexy about me at 7:00 in the morning, especially while I am standing up and trying to hold on for dear life on a "mo…

Tuesday, September 27. Spillage

Ok so. Let's face it. It takes all kinds of human beings to make up this eclectic universe of ours. It would just be boring to see one clone after another after another.We are diverse and interesting creatures. That's how God made us. And some of us take up a little less space than others, while some of us take up a lot more. That's neither here or there and frankly, I don't have an opinion about it...except for when you squeeze into the seat beside me and either sit onme or push me uncomfortably out of my seat. That's just not fair. Let's talk about it.
I know this is a touchy subject for some people but I said i would tell about my morning commute and this is actually what happened. I'm a size 7/8.I work hard to maintain that. I hit a certain age and sugar and carbs became my enemy.It is what it is. I belong to Weight Watcher's and have been going for nearly two years now. I also work out 3-4 times a week.I'm not saying that heavier peo…

Monday, September 26.Lady With An Attitude Coming Through!

Ok so.  It's bad enough that it's Monday.  Like many Americans, I had no intention of working a job that I can barely stand. I had dreams of having a fulfilling career and being someone important, happy, and well...for lack of a better word, fulfilled. I'm still on my path but never the less, it's Monday and I have to do what I have to do in the meanwhile.  
So I'm on my way to my job :-) and everything is pretty normal (that's not necessarily good...)on the way.  I rush out of the house about 5 minutes late. Rush up the 4 blocks to the train.  Wait on the platform FOREVER for a train to come. Get on . Stand up and hold on for dear life.  Then, wait! What's this?! A seat has become available at the first train stop! And it's diagonally in front of me! I move toward it excited about closing my eyes for a few more minutes. I mean, I admit it, some of us should not be let loose on the world without 9 full hours of sleep or after 9:00 AM--whichever comes f…