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Planet Friendly Plastic - 99% Recycled PlasticAssembles in minutes | Holds from 700-1,000 lbs.
» 4 tier 18"  韩国三级2017电影 4 tier 24"  » 5 tier 18"   » 5 tier 24"

NEW! 4 and 5 tier shelves

Available in StowGreen tiny or SuperBox

Planet Friendly Plastic - 99% Recycled Plastic

Planet Friendly Plastic

J. Terence Thompson is a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly products. We established the Planet Friendly Plastic brand in 2008, as a sign of our commitment to the practice of “Sustainability” in all of our manufacturing processes.

Every time consumers purchase something made from recycled material, they are making a difference for future generations. The difference we are making at JTT is in the manufacturing of storage containers and other durable plastic products from 99% recycled material, using state-of-the-art technology that “compounds” Post-Consumer Material (PCM) and Post-Industrial Material (PIM). More about Planet Friendly Plastic

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