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                2021-08-01    面試問題    【手機瀏覽本頁】




                (Please introduce yourself in English)


                Good afternoon sir. It is really my honor to meet you here and I really appreciate you offer me this chance. My name is XXX from XXX. I am an honest, responsible and kind person. I graduate from XXX University in 2010. And my major is hotel management in university. I have related working experience in Hilton as a waiter. I learned much when I got along with customers. So I like this kind of field very much and take it as my career. If I have the opportunity to get this position, I hope you can see my good working ability.

                Finally I wish our hotel be the best in the industry. Thank you!



                (How would you handle the problems with difficult or fussy customers?)


                When a customer is dissatisfied, I will first listen to his/her true appeal, understand what he wants, then show that I can understand from his side , and then find out the most appropriate way to solve the problem. When dealing with problems, be sure to maintain respect for the guests at all times.



                (If you are hired,how long will you work in our hotel?)


                I love this city and I hope I can settle here. I hope I can always work in hotels. As long as I can keep learning and growing in the hotel, I will stay.