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Drone Deliveries

I guess the cost of drone delivery at first would be costly, but as time passes by everyone will see that drone delivery eventually will save time on money, especially if there is no work schedule.
It's only a matter of time before they centralize drone deliveries and be cost-efficient.



Fix Win10 Freezes

Tired of Windows 10 freezing, here are some great tips to help you get Windows back to the way it should be working.

Hopefully, this fix is that start to fix your ongoing problem.



Win 10 Recorder

If you are looking for a Windows 10 recorder and do not know where to find it you can easily access it by pressing both Windows key button + G.

This option, lets you see the capture keypad on your computer and all you need to do is press the record key and it records your desktop screen has a video.

To find the video just look for show all captures.

For more info watch the video below.


Dell Security Update

Looks like Dell is helping many users protect their computers by now offering antivirus on the bios level. This new security software will prevent future attacks from the OS.

It's long overdue and about time that someone took action.



Zoom Alternatives

Tires of Zoom security risks and flaws, well you are not the only one concern. If you are in the market for finding a replacement check out some alternatives.



Global Tracking Device

Google and Apple are going to team up together to create a global tracking system for COVID 19. They figure that if they can create an application to help track the coronavirus, it will help patients and healthcare workers. At this point, privacy should not be a concern when it's going to help everyone around us.



Google Meet

Google Hangouts is now Google Meet and it's here to combat against its video conference rival named Zoom. Google Meet feels that they have leverage against Zoom, because of Zooms recent security concerns. If you are tired of hearing more on Zoom security, then Google Meet is a great alternate choice.




If you are into stock trading then you might want to check out this free trading software to install on your computer. It's from TD Ameritrade and at least you can use this software along with other trading software to keep track of your stocks when trading.
The software has been used in the securities industries since the 1980s and it's a great beginner trading platform.



Reset Cmd & PowerShell

If your are using command prompt or PowerShell and want to reset the default settings this commands will definitely be useful.



Virtual Backgrounds

If you are using Teams or Zoom and want to change the virtual background, then here are some great backgrounds to choose from when you are doing online meetings.

Hopefully, there will be more backgrounds for users to download in the future.



Extract Audio

If you need to extract an audio file from an online video, here is a great site to use to get that audio file in your library. Great way to save those special files for reference.




Here is another video conferencing software with realtime chatting so you see everyone in the office and what they are doing in realtime. Nice way of looking at your team and reviewing on what everyone's doing, if users are available and if rooms are not occupied for meetings.



Portable Office Space

The new pandemic is going to change how people work moving forward. Places like WeWork and Impacthub are going to be the next thing in the portable office. Get ready for a new mobile workforce.



TicTok Ban

It looks like the U.S. government is setting a ban on the famous social application named TikTok. If the legislation gets processed all federal employees will be prohibited from installing it on government devices.



Pizza Vending Machine

Looking for a homemade pizza, try ordering one from a pizza vending machine and see if it really makes a difference. Not only is it easier to order a pizza but under three minutes you will have a pie to eat.




Here is a cool password manager that keeps your passwords safe. It's a neat software and very user friendly. It helps you easily create a strong password with just a few clicks.



Family Tree Template

Here is a great family tree template for users who want to simplify there ancestors and relatives altogether. Note that this is the start of something more to come in the future.



Marriott Breach

It looks like the hotel chain recently was breached and now guest personal data have been exposed. No telling yet how much information was compromised.



You stop using Facebook

An interesting study on what happens to users when they stop using Facebook. Although this was a small experiment for a short time, it did change the user's feeling and self-happiness.
I do recommend user's to read this article because it could be that social media can be altering your well being all together.



Apple Weather App

Apple recently purchased the DarkSky weather application and it hopes to use the new company to replace its current app, as for Android users lets just say they need to find a new weather app.



Houseparty Hack

Houseparty was recently hacked and it's offering a hefty bounty to users who can prove who caused the commercial smear. It's very unfortunate for the company to have been hacked, but hopefully some good will come out of this bounty.



Microsoft Surge Report

It looks like Microsoft was trying to make headlines with its false surge report that everyone was going on board with the company during the recent CoronaVirus update. But things were simply cleared up when they reported that their surge was mostly because of the use of Microsoft Teams.



Secure Email

Tired of companies not keeping their promise on securing your email privacy. Then take a look into companies that are honoring in securing your emails like Protonmail.

You can open up and free account and then upgrade to a premium account when you are ready, but it's a great step on keeping your emails private.



Instagram DMs

Instagram users can now direct message users on the web from their browsers globally and it will easily expand the social media giant to communicate more with others. It's just a better way to keep everyone connected.



Photo Editor

Here are two comparisons between Adobe and Inkscape and the pros and cons of each. It's a good to know your options before you decide on spending the extra bucks for a premium product. 



Privacy Message

Concern about privacy then this application will help you send encrypted messages easily and securely. Check out Single Private Messenger and keep those peeping eyes off your mail.



Windows Update Utility

I have used this update in the past and it's a lifesaver, it out of a tight spot when trying to fix your Windows update problems on a regular computer. It's an excellent utility to have on hand.



National Emergency Library

It looks like the internet archive is offering now free access to its books with no waiting list. This will ensure everyone has access to their reading and library materials. This will continue until June 30th and hopefully, it will fulfill everyone's needs during our COVID 19 crisis.



Group Sheets in Excel

Ever wondered how users group sheets in Excel. Here is some great information on how the simple trick is done. You are never too old to learn new tricks.



Google Hangouts Gone

It looks like Google recently delayed Google Hangouts shutdown until June 2020 and the delay was all due to its trouble with picking the right messaging application.
Here is more on what to expect from them in the next couple of weeks.



Microsoft Rebrand

Looks like Microsoft just made some name changes and the company is rebranding the Office name to include its company name so that no one has second thoughts on who owns the company.



Zoom Hacks

Already using Zoom and want to tweak your settings so that you can use it better. These quick settings help you get the most out of Zoom and even improves your video conferencing calls.



Like Photoshop but you cannot afford it, here is a free version of photoshop just use new project and use a template and the software is free.



Face ID Fix

Apple gets it together to fix Face ID during the pandemic so that users can easily log in to their phones. It's not the best but better than nothing.



Electric Airlines

It looks like there are prototypes of electric planes being made that can make the difference in ticket prices in the future should they suddenly take off overnight.
It's the same concept on using electrical car and it's still being tested daily. Take a look at the differences and the recent talk on the video below.



Microsoft Teams Tab

Here is a nice way to create Microsoft Teams tab by uploading a file. Teams are sure getting creating and I am almost sure other methods will soon show up on the web to make Teams even easier to use.



DJ Mixing Tools for Free

Here is a chance to get DJ Mixing tools for free for a limited time. This is not going to last long and if you love music then it will be a great time to add this software to your music list.



Chrome Beta

It looks like Chrome has built a beta version of the browser with users group tabs, custom name tabs, and even colors for these tabs. It's going o make grouping similar pages easy to do and users can now be more creative with their groups.
I hope the final product comes out real soon.



Teams goes Down

Right when everyone is going remote Microsoft Teams goes down in a time where communication is a must. Now that should not be an excuse for a multi-billion-dollar company that is trying to be number one around the world.
Now even though the outage was for two hours long, they should have known better.



Phone Checker

This handy Android phone checker double checks if your phone is working properly. If you have doubts about your Android device, this is a great software to check if there are any problems with your phone.



Tired of making the same food daily and interested in trying new ways to make your cooking taste better. Check out this website to get tips from the experts so that your meals become more interesting.



Change Google One Subscriptions

Here is a great way to change or cancel your Google One subscription for users who are concerned about what happens when they decide to change their current plan.



Drive in Entertainment

It looks like social distance is still going to be a concern for many users going back to their daily lives. Now I doubt that it's going to save the movie theatre's industry, but the timing could be right.


Remove Office Mac License

Have a Mac Office license and want to remove it so that you can take it somewhere else or just because you are upgrading your laptop and need it on another computer. This is what you need to do so that you can use the license on another computer.



O365 Plan Change

Need to change your O365 subscription plan? Then this is what you should know before you decide to make any changes from your personal plan to home and vise versa. It's good to know what you can and cannot do with the new changes in place.




Microsoft is retiring these exams at the end of June 2020 and what this means for some users is that its time to start preparing to get ready for the cloud if they haven't done so yet.
The future of computing is here, now let's get ready.



Gates steps down

It looks like the long time founder of Microsoft is stepping down as the board and setting his priorities. I guess it's time for the next generation to make a difference.
Regardless of your feelings, you have to admire the guy for coming this far.



Bluetooth File xFer Win10

Looking for an easier way to transfer files via Windows 10 and Bluetooth then why not try the file transfer method to send and receive files. It is so simple to do once you follow these directions below.



Win 10 May Update

It looks like the Windows 10 May update is going to boost up your speed. For those users with old hard drives, it's going to be a plus. Let's just say moving forward when you search for something it's going to be a little quicker.



Tap Strap 2

It's only a matter of time before the right technology comes around to give us virtual reality typing. The Tap Strap 2 is a great idea and although I think it still did not win my heart to go out and get one, it is sure getting close to wanting me to keep an eye on the technology.



YouTube Tv

Cord-cutters should not be surprised by the recent programming guide from YouTube. Not only are some subscribers getting the channel in some areas, but others also are not. So if you are a sports fan your location will matter if you decide to subscribe to YouTube Tv.



Lock Book

The first notebook with a biosensor to keep your information personal should someone try to tamper with your notes.
It's a great idea to keep private your work notes where ever you go.



Google Meet Free

Looks like Google Meet is now free for everyone and this is how it plans to grab market share from its Zoom competitor.
Let's keep the competition coming.



Netflix Alternatives

Tired of Netflix and looking for other sites to entertain your movie nights. Check out these other sites that are trying to be a new Netflix of their own.



Free Online Fitness

Here are some free great online fitness options. It's a great option and a chance to keep many users's busy during the current pandemic.



Jobs Apps

Here are some great job applications to keep in mind when looking for work. The job market will be changing when everything re-opens again.
With Unemployment at its high points, many job seekers will be looking for work.

I hope that this narrows down your search and gets you a job.



Apple drops Encrypted Backups

Looks like the legal battle on the FBI against Apple has stopped, for now, a few years ago Apple was trying to protect their customers when the FBI wanted to retrieve data from their phones. Long story short, Apple denied the request and now years later, Apple is dropping the encrypted backups.
It just comes to show you how powerful the government is in convincing Apple to let them do what they do best. There goes our privacy.



Why you need a VPN

VPNs have been out for years and many people use it for security reasons. It's not always good to use free wifi where users can steal your password and access your information.
If you are reviewing VPNs then this is a good guide to use to help you get started.



Dome Homes

I think we have been doing things all wrong for a while. If this dome home really works, then I would suggest building demo's around South Florida, California and the US Tropical Islands to see if they are up to par. Because it looks sturdy, but it still has me wondering if it's up to the challenge.



Teams free for 6 Months

In order to combat the Coronavirus, Microsoft is offering Teams for free for 6 months. Great time to make it work for your company while everyone is working from home.




What to resolve any homework problem or curious about how the problem needs to be resolved. This AI website helps teach you how to solve your difficult homework problems.

The class is in session and the teacher is ready to teach.



Find Email Addresses

Want to find anyone's email address, here is a great way to find anyone's email address with the help of Voilanorbert.
Now reaching the CEO of a company will be easier to accomplish.



C: Drive Help

Running out of room on your hard drive, this handy software named Steammover easily moves your programs to a different drive so that you can gain back drive space and be able to keep your favorite programs.



Bulk Contacts

Here is a great way to make group contacts in Outlook. Now please note that Microsoft has a spam filter option that can lock you out. So make sure you confirm how many emails you can send out to users before the Microsoft lock kicks in. Other providers might have different filters in place to stop spammers from sending mass emails.



FDIC Bank Info

If you have cash over $250,000 in your bank and want to protect your investment should the economy fail, all banks are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000.

So many wealthy individuals or business accounts in the past would divide their cash accounts into several different banks to be protected and have the money insured.

Now, this is when CDARS comes in and does everything in one bank to offer you the protection you need all in one place.




With the Coronavirus dominating a threat across countries, one biotech company is doing a study to inject under the skin a biosensor to detect the flu or other bio-attacks of the future weeks before the infected person gets sick.

Could this change the future of medicine on how we already know it?



Nintendo Playstation Auction

It looks like someone got their hands on a prototype device for a handy price. It's the only console in existence and let's just say it's a great collection.

It's not everyday anyone is going to come across one of these items and be able to appreciate how far gaming has come.



NYS ban on Plastic Bags

It looks like this ban went into effect on 3/1/2020 and now NYC is banning all plastic bags. If all goes good you can see more states going in on the ban. Let's change the world of plastic as we know it.

NY : A statewide ban on plastic bags means grocery stores, food establishments and other NY businesses must stop using them from March 1 and in New York City consumers will also be charged 5 cents for every paper bag they use.Feb 10, 2020




This new generation of power can power up most of all your devices when you are on the go. Although pricey, you cannot find a power generator to juice up most of your devices. Worth considering if you are always on the go and in need of power.



Mountain Duck

The simplest way to mount a server and cloud on your computer. It opens remote files with any application to work as a regular drive on your computer.



Free Sony PS4 Games

It looks like Sony is giving away it's PS4 games and now would be a great time to take advantage of some great games to add to your collection. You can always download them and install them later when you are ready.




Apple ordered to Pay

If you are an iPhone 6 or 7 user you are entitled to a payout from Apple. By the time you read this, it should be more clear on how Apple plans to settle these payouts for slow phones.




Want a better way to find web browser history, then check out Timeline for Windows and see your past browsing history.
It's a great way to go back and review the website or files that were on your computer. It's so quick and easy to use, that you wished you new about this sooner.

It's by default saved to your computer and if you are signed to a Microsoft account you then have 30 days of history already saved.

View Timeline
Better yet just click the Tab + Windows button to view timeline now on the right-hand side of the screen you will see the web history in a timeline.

What can you do with Timeline
See activities, search the Timeline, access Timeline documents, remove individual activities.

Remove Timeline activity
If your privacy is a major concern then removing the browser activity is what you should be looking for. Go to Security - in activity history - go down to clear activity history and remove all.


Stimulus Calculator

Worried that you might not qualify for the government stimulus check. Well, you can use this calculator to see how much you will get. Hopefully, this will help many.



Soprano Streaming

Love the Soprano's then here is a chance to watch the series using the Roku channel. Not only will you be able to watch this series but you will also have access to others.



Stadia Pro Free

Looks like Google Stadia Pro is free for two months and it's time for users to jump in and check out what games you can play in 4K. It's a great way to try out the site and see if this is something worthwhile. At least it's free.



Zoom Security

Looks like Zoom recently tweaked their security settings after recent attacks from the Zoom bombing. The company is being proactive and listening to user concerns. I just hope they can keep up with the pace.



Email Signature Generator

Tired of having a plain email signature. Try this simple site to create a unique email signature that separates you from the rest of the crowd.



Professional Voice Mail

Have a business but need a professional voicemail so callers can leave messages.
Try this neat site to get the best professional voicemails created for your business so that callers want to keep on calling back. 


Telsa Teardown

Automakers recently had a teardown on a Telsa and the car to many is an advance feature way ahead of it's time that was made possible by thinking out of the box.

The reason engineers have a hard time understanding this is because they are not using this type of thinking method and it's a wake-up call for everyone.

This is the future and it's up to them to decide to be on board or not.




Acorn investing great for people who want to invest but know very little about it. They invest your money after answering a few questions for them and they make the money for you.

You can start as little as $1- or $5- a month by setting up the automatic monthly deduction from your bank account and even though there is a $1- monthly charge for investing, it still a low fee to pay to have your money work for you. There are other plans, but I would recommend at first, the basic plan.
The company purchases fractional shares and you can easily buy a $1- stock on a company that you would not have the money to buy that share easily.

Now the only downfalls are that you cannot but your own shares, they do this for you once you choose your investment profile. And all dividends from the company go back to your cash account for use or reinvestments. So dividends are always paid in cash which is still not that bad.

Now they do have a charge card that you can use and I would look into it but there are some monthly fees to consider. But you cannot beat the no minimum balance or overdraft fees, unlimited fees or reimbursed ATM fees. And money reinvested for you for using their card. So it could be worth it.

Besides all that the company is protected by SIPC ($500,000) which is like the FDIC that insures your bank. Partnered with Lincoln Savings Bank.

Some other things to consider if your money is beyond $5,000- in this case, you might want to look into a premium brokerage account but the fees are still reasonable at $.25 % fee annually.

Google search info:
As of 2019, Acorns had over 4.5 million users and over $1.2 billion in assets under management.

As for now if all stays that same, this company is still worth looking into and investing, until their fees or plans change.

If you are interested click on the $5- Startup link to get free money to invest and give them a try.


$5- Startup Link


Free Remote Access Tools

Working from home and need access to your work computer so that you get the most out of your workday at your convenience.
This is where remote access tools come in play and here are some great alternatives to premium software.




Looking for big savings on a mobile phone service plans, check out Ting and see if it works for you. It sounds pretty neat, I am just unsure on the coverage area. But in this day and age, anything is worth the risk.



Moz Academy

Moz Academy is giving out free courses to access SEO through May 31 so if you want to update your skills, now may be a great time to get started.



WiFi Trojan

There is a new WiFi trojan that can infect networks called Emotet. The trojan is able to infect machines and jump across WiFi networks to infected machines connected to hijacked networks. The stop to it is very simple but like everything else in life, we will not know until there is an outbreak.




It looks like Sony is doing it's best to keep costs down, but chances are that the device will still be pricey because they are more powerful gaming units. Who knows maybe they will hold down the prices so that they can make the difference with user games.

It's still on the table and hopefully, we will know more information soon.




Here is a great antimalware scanner for Windows and at this point, it's best to have something protecting your computer than nothing at all.




Here is a free diagram and flowchart software that can help you easily organize your ideas so that others can understand your workflow and thought process on how things are done.
Great way to teach others the process of flow charts, for noncommercial use.



Farming AI

Here is a great link for farming AI in how it's slowing changing the farming industry and how useful it's helping farmers make their jobs easier. The world is growing and we need technology to help these farmers feed the world.



Standard Charger for Phones

It looks like the EU is now pushing for a single standard charging port for all smartphones hoping to reduce electrical waste. This will hopefully force manufactures to make a universal charger that will work with any device whether it be old or new.



Disable Search

Tired of resources eating up your memory. If you hardly use the search function in windows, it may be a good idea to disable the search function so that it can free up your system memory.

Here is the link on how to do this.




Here are royalty-free images that anyone can use and not have to worry about if they violated and copyright agreements. It's the way the world should always be.




Stuck during quarantine, here is a great way to cook up a great meal using this website. This website puts down all the ingredients you have in your pantry and gives you the recipes you can make with what you have on hand. Great idea and it's putting all your resources to work in one place.




This is the best way to get rid of old accounts from the internet. It's a great way to clean up accounts that you just want to remove out of your life because of the ongoing spam and emails that people keep on sending you.




Here is a great way to send private notes to anyone and automatically destroy itself after the person reads it. Pretty nice to eliminate any email of existence, I just wonder if it really works well.



Google COVID Search

With the CoronaVirus increasing, Google set up a basic page for users to get information and knowledge of the virus so that their search is easily improved.

I am happy to see a good deed for many in this moment of crisis.



Advantages of an Electric Car

There are pros and cons of buying an electric car and here is some great information if you are ready for the sudden change. It basically comes down to what type of driver you are and if you can afford the upfront costs.



Amazon Tips

Get more of your Amazon account but incorporating some of these great tips. If you use them wisely they can save you a bundle in no time.
Take Amazon to the next level with these great tricks.



Speed for Stream

Ever wonder how much speed you need to stream? Well, every service is different but if you already have a streaming service the information below can be helpful before you upgrade your internet package.




This website lets you want thousands of documentaries for free. It's the best way to understand why things are the way they are in the world. Never spend a dull moment not learning something new.



Voice Recording Service

Need a voice recording service, check out this site and take your voice to a new level with it's share and save features.
Great place to sample voicemail messages and greeting messages for your friends and coworkers.