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    • shadedream
      Attaching a photo of the board currently if that helps. There are two pads that lifted or partially lifted, so I've scraped a bit off the connected traces and soldered them to the traces (hence why they're crooked). They're at C5 and C31. I also noticed a couple of stray black bristles from the brush I was scrubbing the board with on there currently, so disregard those.

      If a closer view of any component or area would be helpful, let me know and I can take them.
    • Juror22
      It doesn't look so bad (you just need to clean up the holes from the pictures that you posted), so ?I would a) clean it up a bit with some alcohol,?using a Q-tip or similar appliance (don't get heat near the alcohol, you don't want to catch it or yourself on fire) b) get a pair of locking pliers and a needle that has the same diameter (close is fine) as the lead on the capacitor c) put the needle into the hole, while holding it with the locking pliers, then heat the needle close to, but not touching the pad/hole and pushing slightly, so that it melts the old solder and pushes it?out of the hole. d) clean it again with alcohol, using a Q-tip or similar appliance (see previous fire warning) e) (my personal take - get rid of that crappy lead free solder, use some nice 85/14/1 with flux) and an appropriate (not high) heat. ?Test by applying the solder to the tip of the soldering tool, if it melts quickly without scorching, you are ready to rock-n-roll f) insert the capacitor (correctly oriented) into the newly clean holes, heat the wire attached to the capacitor near the holes and apply new solder, allowing it to wick onto the pad/hole/wire assembly. ? Do not use a hand drill, unless you have done that before and KNOW what you are doing. You can substitute IPA for alcohol if you got it.
    • JRL
      It really is a cool upgrade! I'd love to get the CPU/FPU working, I hope I just missed an additional jumper setting or something of the like.
    • Alan Gamma
      I’ve got a flux pen (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/16257) that I’ve been using before soldering. I didn't attempt to clean up the mess with it yet though, so I’ll try that. ? Should I be using flux paste? I didn’t think of using a hand drill to get through that inner layer, although given how badly the desoldering went I’m a bit hesitant to try it :(
    • AlpineRaven
      Do you have soldering flux? And clean it up with IPA,?That'll help. It might be ok/not damaged - flux will help to clean it up, and maybe a small drill bit to hand drill it out. Cheers AP