西游艳谭The Lasersaur is an open source laser cutter with outstanding price-performance ratio.We designed it to fill the need of makers, designers, architects and researchers who want a safe andhighly-capable machine. Unlike others it comes fully loaded with knowledge to run, maintain, and modify.

What can it cut?Material Rundown Video
How can I get one?
Who has already built a 'saur?
  • Lot of us!
  • Hacker spaces all over the world.
  • Students at CMU, NYU, MIT, ETH et al.
  • Designers and Architects.
Who started it?We did.


西游艳谭This projects depends on support by the wider Lasersaur community.We take money thankfully and invest it in the advancement of this project.Specifically we work on software upgrades, answer support questions on themailing list, and keep the information on this website current.Your contribution makes a difference and keeps the project healthy.

$32 Project Support: Support the project and get automatic write access to the community mailing list.
$(any) Project Support: Simply want to support the project? Rad! We promise any amount donated will go directly to support the Lasersaur community. If you would like, please include your snail mail address and a note for 'awesome stickers' and we will mail them to your door as a small gesture of our immense appreciation.
We Accept Bitcoin! Please send project support to: 19HFotfDymPcsdzU7fVhXYW5iJpTpWKt8p


Mad props to,,, grbl,, and their giants' shoulders.


Studio for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University,Culture Lab at Newcastle University,Hyperwerk in Basel